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St. Pius X Catholic Church, Manoa

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Living the Gospel of Our Lord as a Community of Faith since 1958

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Mary Jane Program:
Thankyou Notes

Thank you letters

Bible Study

Bible Study

Monday's 10am
St Pius X Cry Church Room

Join us each Monday at 10am in the Saint Pius X Church cry room followed by the rosary. Participants are encouraged to bring their own bibles and commentaries to share.

A dedication to the word of our Lord is essential element to our continuing walk with Christ and restoration of his kingdom on earth. - Carl Berger

Church Cleaners

Church Cleaners

Saturdays 8 am
St Pius X Church

Our small group of cleaners, who gather every Saturday morning around 8 a.m., could use a few more pairs of hands to share in the cleaning and freshening up of our lovely church home in preparation for the Saturday evening and Sunday liturgies. Remember: many willing hands make for less and lighter work.

St. Pius X Finance Committee

Finance Committee

Devotion to Padre Pio

Padre Pio

Healing Ministry

Healing Ministry

1st and 2nd Saturday of each month
10am- until 12pm | and again after the 4:00 pm Mass

We invite you to join our Healing Ministry on the 1st and 2nd Saturday of each month. We meet from 10am until 12pm and again after the 4pm Mass.

Thing about it; pray about it; and if you are interested, please contact Wesley Taira at 808-738-6502. If you would prefer to just walk in and see what we're all about, you are welcome to do that too!

Hula with Kumu Ainsley Halemanu


Mondays at 5:30pm &
Tuesdays at 5:00pm | St. Pius X Hall

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus

Meetings once a month

We are always looking for a few good Catholic men to serve the Lord. Meetngs are just once a month for 60 to 75 minutes.--by Stephen Choy

Knights of Columbus Chicken Sale

NEWS: Knights of Columbus Chicken Sale

Thanks to the parishes of St. Pius X and Sacred Heart our 3rd annual barbeque chicken /sushi fundraiser on Saturday, January 26th, was a success! You may want to know that the vendor 50th State Poultry does a minimum order of 500 chickens, which would be too many for our Council. By God's grace, brother council Sts. Peter & Paul offered for the 2nd year to split the 500 with us. We had 25 people walk up to buy the remaining tickets as we closed the day. However, 5 customers failed topick up their chickens and sushi. We joyfully took them to the homeless of Kakaako.

So what do we do with the money made? We share our profit with our now 2 parishes, since our Knights come from both. We have projects like the Catholic Charities transitional home, where we annually give the residents a Christmas Party with food, song, games and prizes. When we hear of someone in need, we assist them financially. We support our deacon in training. We might help with a parish barbeque. Recently, several knights offered to clean St. Pius X Church on Saturday morning with our wives. We offer our labor and supplies.

Once again thank you for the support offered by both parishes we serve.

Mary Jane Program

Mary Jane Program

Community Outreach

Building Bridges of Hope!

Sponsored by Catholic Charities

Close to the hearts of our Outreach volunteers are the young women in the Mary Jane Program in Kailua. Sponsored by Catholic Charities the Mary Jane Program assists pregnant women who are in need of a safe place to live during pregnancy.

It has been our privilege to remember them each year at Easter and Christmas by presenting with baskets of gifts, toiletries and gift cards designed for each new mother and her baby.

Ministers of Music

Music Ministry

"Make A Joyful Noise Unto the Lord"

When it comes to God’s people he listens to the music of your heart. As ministers of music our job is to help facilitate a worship experience in our community and support other misitries by helping create a Spirit-filled atmosphere.

Our goal as music ministers at every Mass is to lead people into the holy, manifest presence of our lord where we have total access to God’s wonderful, amazing, love in our lives.

We hope that we can encourage people to develop “a lifestyle of worship,” as we practice the presence of God by always having a song for him in our heart. As the Psalmist says in Psalm23, “God inhabits the p 22: 3, ”God inhabits the praises of his people.”

We hope that Mass is a place where people can feel his presence his presence, experience his healing power and grow in deeper relationship with our heavenly Father, who is constantly trying to reach out to us. Please sing with us and “make a joyful noise to unto the Lord! ~Westly Taira

St. Pius X Choir -Sunday, 8:30am Mass

Sing For Joy!

St. Pius X Choir

Mahalo to our Choir Director Lynette Loo, Organist Astrid (Gladys) Emperador, and our St. Pius X Choir for singing at our Sunday's 8:30am Mass each week!


St. Pius X Choir - Saturday 4:00pm Mass

Sing His Praises!

St. Pius X Choir

Pictured with Fr. Tom our 4pm St. Pius X Choir. Mahalo to our 4pm Choir members for singing at our Saturday 4:00 pm Mass each week!

St. Pius X Bell Choir

Make a Joyful Noise Unto the Lord!

St. Pius X Choir

Pictured with Fr. Tom & Fr. Syd our St. Pius X Bell Choir. Mahalo


St. Pius X Pastoral Council

St. Pius X Pastoral Council